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Patricia Keener


Patricia has spoken on cross-cultural, careers and communication topics at various meetings and seminars attended by international audiences including executives and staff from global organisations.


Conference and guest speaking includes:

The Institute for Global Mobility, London – Parachute or Bungee Jump: Providing the Best Family support for a Smooth Adjustment

The Repatriation and Relocation Conference, London – The Dual Career Dilemma with Nathalie Brotchi (2002); Creating Flexible Careers (2003); We both Speak the Same Language, Don’t We? Understanding Cultural Adaptation (2004); Living and Working with the British with Caroline Gregory (2005)

Corporate Moves In The ‘90’s – The Cross Cultural Similarities and Differences in Work Styles, Between North American and UK Business Organisations

Farnham Castle, The Centre for International Briefing – in - country briefings and The Dual Career Dilemma

Imperial College London Business School: Cultural Awareness, Networking for Student Ambassadors, Opportunities and Goal Setting, Networking and Speculative Approaches

Shell Outpost – Coaching through Cross Cultural Adjustment, Repatriation: Going Home Again, Writing a British CV

Professional Language Studies – Working in a Multicultural Environment

Chiltern American Women’s Club – Moving On - Understanding Re-Entry Shock

North American Women’s Club (Northwood) – Now What?  The Highs and Lows Of Cross Cultural Adjustment

FOCUS Information Services –You in the UK, CVs and Cover Letters, Effective Presentation Skills, Marketing Yourself, Portable Careers, UK Career Clinic, Using Storytelling in your Job Search

Global Networker - British Style Interview, Networking

International Meetings in Science – Presentation Skills Best Practice - Paris, France and Dallas, Texas USA, (2003-2004)

Prime Medica- Effective Presentation Skills – Amsterdam, Detroit, Istanbul, New Orleans, Boston, (2005)

Springer Healthcare Communications – Speaker Bureau – Presentation skills - Venice, Italy (2007)