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Presentation skills

Bored man at  conference

You’ve been asked to give a presentation.  How do you feel?  Is it something you enjoy?  Something you dread? How will the audience feel after your presentation? Are they motivated to take action or are they checking their text messages? The ability to clearly and persuasively put ideas across to an audience is one that is crucial for business success. 

My approach

My first priority is to create a safe environment where together we can experiment and develop skills, all in a way that retains and reflects each individual’s own personal style. Effective presenters recognise that developing their skills is an ongoing journey and my job is to help them revisit the basics while encouraging them to stretch, explore new ideas and techniques, and move to the next level. I use digital camcorders extensively in my work so that clients can then see themselves, experience giving and receiving open feedback, and immediately experiment with and practice what they have learned. My experience as a professional actor combined with my background in sales and management gives me a unique perspective on how to create impact. I am passionate about helping others realise their presenting potential.

Topics covered include

  • Grabbing the audience’s attention and keeping it through a presentation (especially important if the presentation is largely technical)
  • Creating greater impact on the audience by using the tools of voice and body language
  • Structuring presentations effectively
  • Using stories, language, examples and case studies to be memorable
  • Remaining calm, balanced and centred
  • Confidently handling difficult questions
  • Using visual aids to enhance your presentation

What clients have said

“Pat was recommended to us by one of our team when we were looking to sharpen up the management presentation that supported the sale process for our business. She came in to work with a senior management team who all had over 20 years experience in the industry and who saw themselves as experts in making presentations and pitches. To our collective surprise we all learnt some new skills. More importantly, the potential investors who by their own admission see many such pitches each year, complimented us on the sharpness of the pitch and the self evident team dynamics. The real proof of the pudding was in the fact that the final price paid for the business of £2.1bn far exceeded initial estimates.”

Paul Chapman
Managing Director
HS1 Ltd